We Are All Samir: Action in Defense of Territory and Mother Earth

A call was made for actions in defense of territory and mother Earth, in memory of Samir Flores who was murdered by the state of Mexico one year earlier. Joining countless actions around the world, the Consulate of Mexico in so-called Minnesota was vandalized. The communique draws parallels between the struggles against megaprojects, like the one Samir fought against, and the struggle to stop Line 3. You can read it below.

On February 20th, to honor Samir Flores’ legacy, his name was painted on the front of the Mexican Consulate in Minnesota. Samir lived and died defending the land against the extractive projects of capitalism; an inspiring loyalty to the Earth.

Across this territory too, people have and continue to struggle for life against similar projects. The fight to stop Line 3 and the fights against megaprojects in the territory often known as Mexico are intertwined. They are one fight: a fight for life.

¡Samir vive!